Welcome to R-Omix!

The R-Omix project aims at creating a portal for deploying and accessing interactive R aplications based on the Shiny web application framework on Compute Canada's HPC infrastructure.

Available tools

VEXOR, Varian/t ExplOreR: Exploratory tool for fine-mapping.

DSNetwork: Visualization tool for variants prioritization.

shinyTANDEM: Tool designed to visualize rTANDEM result object or result xml files.

Imetagene, interactive version of Metagene: Compares the behavior of DNA-interacting proteins at selected groups of genes/features.

ENCODExplorer: interactive version of ENCODExplorer : Enables quick access, query and download of ENCODE data.

Coming soon

similaRpeak: Calculation of metrics allowing estimation of a level of similarity between two ChIP-Seq profiles.

consensusSeekeR: Detection of consensus regions inside a group of experiments using genomic positions and genomic ranges.

RJMCMC: Estimation of nucleosome positions for genome-wide profiling using informative Multinomial-Dirichlet prior in a t-mixture with reversible jump.

ENCODExplorer: Enables quick access, query and download of ENCODE data.

nucleoSim: Production of synthetic nucleosome maps following either a Normal, a Student or an Uniform distribution.

Submit new application

You have developped a R package and you want to make it available for the scientific community ? You have already build your Shiny GUI and it is ready to be deployed ? Send a email to our team.

ShinySNP output
ShinySNP Visualization

Metagene output
Metagene Output

SimilaRpeak output
SimilaRpeak Output

R-Omix is kindly hosted on Compute Canada infrastructure and benefits from its high performance computing environment.

See Compbio (Arnaud Droit Lab) website.